The gong is not ringing for me at the end of my session.

If you are having trouble with the timer bell, please check the below Settings:

a) Battery Optimisation - if Battery Optimization is On for Minutes, there is a possibility that Android can interfere with the working of the app, especially for longer sessions. To ensure that Minutes works as intended please go to
Settings -> Battery -> Battery optimisation -> Strive Minutes -> Don't optimise
b) DND settings (Settings -> Sound -> Do Not Disturb -> Exceptions) - Please check that under your DND Settings the "Other Sounds" should have Media set to On

c) Volume - It is possible that your ringer volume is too low. The app notifies you if the volume is very low, however if you missed the notification, it is possible that you are unable to hear the gong. If you are in a crowded area, or in an area with noise, it may be better to set the app to "Vibrate Only" mode and keep it on your person.

My app is on DND mode, but I am still getting audible alerts for Messages and Calls.

You may need to check your DND settings. For this please navigate to Settings (of your phone) -> Sound -> Do Not Disturb -> Under Exceptions, "Calls" and "Messages Events and Reminders" should be set to None, However please note that "Other Sounds" should have "Media" set to On.

Is my data safe?

We only collect identification information for the purpose of login, so that you can access your meditation history even if you change devices, and for the purpose of analytics so that we can provide the best service through our app.

Any identofication data you may choose to share with us via email or social media or any external mode when you reach out to us for support or feedback is completely private and not shared with any external entities.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Why is Minutes not free? I don't really mind looking at ads. Will you consider introducing a free version with ads?

Minutes will never have any ads as we feel that they are intrusive and counterproductive to the purpose of the app, which is to calm the mind. This is why we charge a nominal fee upfront to enable us to keep Minutes ad free and also free of multiple pricing models, subscriptions and various versions of the same app. We want to keep adding features, simplifying tasks and innovating with this app, the upfront pricing keeps us encouraged to do that.

What is "Keep Screen Awake" ?

Under Settings, the option "Keep Screen Awake" is for the people who wish to keep tabs on the progress of the session. This would ensure that your device does not go into Sleep mode and the screen does not darken for the entire duration of your session, ensuring visibility of the timer animation.

What is "Vibrate Only" Mode?

If you do not wish for the starting and ending gong to play out loud, but still be notified of the progress of your session, choosing the "Vibrate Only" mode in settings helps notify you by vibrating your phone instead of sounding the gong.

If you are in a crowded place or a place with ambient noise, Or you simply do not wish to hear the gong, you can choose this option.

Will you include guided meditations in your app in the future?

We have been asked this question since we first introduced our beta, and our answer is No, Minutes is simply a meditation timer and will not have guided meditations in the future, nor do we promote any one method of meditation.

In our opinion and experience, no two people should meditate in the same way; everyone has their own unique brain chemistry and different things will work for different people.

Guided meditations, though great for beginners will often prove to be a crutch as you continue your practice and in the absence of that external voice or ambient sound your mind will discover its own voice and thought patterns.

Read more about how minutes came to be here.

Why do I need to login for a simple timer?

We made Minutes to be used across multiple devices. One of our core features is the session timeline and history and we want our users to be able to access it even if they change phones. This can't be done without logging in and syncing data.

As meditation timer users ourselves who have been motivated by their past session streaks and averages, we have agonised about the loss of data due to change or loss of our phones in the past. With Minutes you can always login using your details on any android device and not worry about starting anew.

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