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Introducing Minutes, a simple meditation timer

A tool that assists with meditation should be distraction free and simple. We made Minutes for ourselves, mostly out of necessity.

We looked at the android market for an app that did only a few things but did them well. We wanted a simple timer, that worked when our screen was asleep, that silenced everything during a session and that maintained some basic statistics (statistics we did not lose due to a crash or change of devices).

However, we also wanted it to be beautiful and calming as a meditation app should be. If I am fidgeting with the UI or am distracted by it’s numerous options, it puts me out of the right frame of mind to meditate.

More importantly we needed the app to NOT have a few things namely any Social aspect or distractions like bell sounds, ambient sounds, themes, ability to chat with people, excessive gamification for encouragement. We have personally tried these in the past and though wonderful in the beginning for encouragement we realised it was encouragement at the cost of our focus and practice.

Minutes has few, relevant features:

a timer

a preparation interval that can be modified or removed

a timeline that shows your session history

some basic statistics

login via email to be able to sync your session data so you dont lose that history

adding and deleting manual sessions (this is a recent addition and was pointed out to us by one of our users. The timeline is beautiful but it doesn’t help if it is inaccurate. The ultimate goal is to completely eliminate the tech, so any meditation sessions done without the app is a good thing. However, if the statistics are unable to reflect them then that makes them useless and simply ornamental)

We are working on a few more features, however, we are wary of making the app cluttered and moving away from our original goals, so these are still heavily under discussion. The features under consideration:




Strive Minutes is available on the play store here.

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