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There's a lot of things in store for our users in the upcoming months. After feedback and discussions with our initial users and deliberation about making Minutes the best tool to assist in maintaining a meditation practice while keeping the mantra of simplicity in mind, we are currently working on the below features:


People who are using the app to make meditation a habit will find this feature useful and will be able to set as many reminders as they want to encourage and remind them to take out time from the schedules to work on their practice.

Intervals: We have had a number of requests to add intervals to the timer. Interval chimes allow a new practitioner to bring back their focus if they find it drifting. One of the recommended methods for beginners is to include short breaks during their sessions. Another use for intervals is, if a practitioner wants to break up their session into parts focusing on different goals during the different parts of the session. Calendar: We have already introduced a new calendar view in the update on 2nd May 2019. We are now working on improving the UI and including more information like best / longest sessions etc into the calendar view

Add and Delete Sessions Manually: Meditation is a solitary activity and a lot of the times it is not possible for a practitioner to have access to their phones every time they meditate. We are working on including the option of adding or deleting session information manually. These are the features that are already under various stags of development or planning and you will see them in Strive Minutes in the near future. We are constantly looking to update the functionality of Minutes while keeping in mind our mantra of Simplicity, Ease of Use and Uncluttered UI. Please write to us here or via email at minutes.support@nutcracker.tech to give us any feedback or request new features or just to say hi. We are always happy to hear from and initiate a dialogue with our users.

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